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House Of Lydia is a relatively new company, officially establishing itself in 2022.

This came about as a result of a brilliant merging of three gifted entrepreneurial women’s talents and vision in the fields of design, branding, marketing and much more.

Michelle has extensive experience in administration and organisation, whilst Lianne is a seasoned marketeer and creative multitasker with a joy for getting stuck into marketing projects using her many years of experience. Lo, the youngest member of the trio and founder of self titled brand LoDesignz, is an award winning creative with an artistic gift and an eye to interpret client’s ideas.

"We are every small business', marketing dream team"

Together, these three ladies make it their mission to support smaller businesses who may be unlikely to afford large marketing agency budgets, however still desire the same calibre of work with their marketing objectives. 

HOL Group are an asset to those who  benefit from remote marketing support, as and when required and who also desire high quality results in their branding and marketing with clear communication throughout each project.

HOL Group .

Many start-ups and businesses with small teams, on a mission to scale up, require marketing support in some shape or form.

The key is always to create consistent, meaningful brand experiences that can exist long after your project is completed.

Most businesses start up because they have a passion and vision for what they want to achieve – not necessarily because they set out to become marketeers! However, as we navigate a digital revolution it can sometimes make it difficult for businesses to keep up.

In this noisy world of messages, experts have gauged that we are exposed to around 5,000 ads per day. With that in mind, a specialist team like ourselves becomes an invaluable resource.

We’re fascinated and committed to turning your ideas into reality and developing long term marketing strategies to align your company’s promises, appearance and ethos.

"We are here to channel our years of experience into a flexible plan to enhance your brand and, in turn, the performance of your business."

Furthermore, we’re available to help you to implement the plan too, becoming or expanding your marketing department if that’s what you need.

Get in touch today, everything you need is all here under one roof!

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